May 27, 2008

Dan in Real Life - $7

Dan in Real Life is a pretty good character movie. Dan's struggle to be a good single dad to his three daughters is somewhat touching and believable. Dan also struggles to find romance and move on years after the passing of his wife.

The story revolves around a family holiday with uncles and aunts and cousins filling the old family home. Dan falls in love with his brother's girlfriend and off goes the movie.

Steve Carell is quite good as Dan and the supporting cast are good as well. Nothing really stood out to make this movie unique or really incredible but it was good and well worth watching.

I put Dan in Real Life on my 'Watch It' list and give it a value of $7.


Rachel said...

I was greatly underwhelmed by this one. I love Steve Carell and thought for the most part that he did a good job, but overall I found myself just bored.

WaywardJam said...

I agree with Rachel. Steve Carell did an admirable job in a film that really wasn't worth his time doing or others' time watching.