January 11, 2011

Two 'Watch It' Reviews

The Town - $9

Ben Affleck is 2 for 2 in my books. Gone Baby Gone was one of my favorite movies in years so I was excited for Affleck's second directoral attempt and he did not disappoint. This is a gripping story set in my favorite modern movie setting, Boston. The whole thing worked for me right down to the love story and especially the tense heist scenes.

I thought Affleck's performance was decent as well though I'm not nearly as big a fan of his acting as I am of his directing. In the end Affleck was outshone by Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner and even Jon Hamm who accomplished the difficult task of not seeming like Don Draper as an FBI agent.

This one is worth seeing for sure, Watch It.

How To Train Your Dragon - $10

This movie was fun from start to finish. I actually watched it again the next day and I don't have kids.

Where many animated movies fail this one succeeds, it is touching, funny and smart and all without being cheesy.

Watch It.

January 6, 2011

Bunch of Ratings

So it's been a while. Thought I'd quickly go through a bunch of movies to play catch up.

Salt - $4

This was just okay. I think it tried to do too much but it was entertaining at times. Don't Watch It.

Toy Story 3 - $8

Another great installment in the Toy Story Franchise. Creative and fun enough that I've seen it twice. Watch It.

Prince Caspian - $4

Not a bad movie but a shadow of the great book. Disney is ruining my beloved Narnia books. The props look like they're from a dollar store and the costumes look like the actors' Moms made them. How they turned this book into a movie with extended battle scenes is beyond me. Don't Watch It.

Valentines Day - $0

Horrible! Nothing worked in this, there was no chemistry between any of the actors. I hated it. Don't ever Watch It.

The Other Guys - $5

I love Will Ferrell and this movie made me laugh but not as much as I had hoped. A lot of the jokes were just barely missing the target. It was close but in the end just an average comedy. Watch It, if you like Ferrell.

Inception - $10

Fantastic and gripping, I wanted to turn around and go back in for the late show after I saw it. Watch It right now.