June 6, 2008

Entertainment in the Air

I was on two 4+ hour flights this week and both times the planes were equipped with those seat back screens that allow me to scroll through movie, music and TV choices and start and stop them when I want. I love these types of planes.

I want to go through some lightning quick reviews of everything I watched or started to watch and didn't finish. (Iron Man review still coming)


Shine a Light - $7 (watched 1/2)

This film by Scorcese which documents a Rolling Stones concert was shaping up to be amazing but I stopped watching it once it really got into the concert itself as I'm not a huge Rolling Stones fan.

Jumper - $3

Good special effects meet average acting and uncreative writing in this lame movie. Hayden Christensen continues to show the world that he should be modeling, not acting.

National Treasure 2 - $4

National Treasure actually had its moments but in the end it came off like the movie adaptation of a choose your own adventure, except I had no choices.

10,000 BC - $0 (watched 10 minutes)

I only made it through 10 minutes of 10,000 BC before putting it out of its misery. In that 10 minutes I saw special effects that looked on par with a used car commercial and costumes and make up that appeared to have been borrowed from a high school play. And don't get me started on the writing... Thank you to all of you who warned me not to waste my money on this one.

The Bucket List - $6

I actually enjoyed The Bucket List. Jack Nicholson gave dimension to an otherwise predictable plot. It was worth watching and even a bit moving.

TV Shows

The Class - $1 (5 minutes)

Horrible, cheesy, bottom of the barrel television.

The Big Bang Theory - $4

Despite having the feel of a 90's sitcom this one actually made me laugh a few times. Still not great TV though.

Til Death - $2

Just don't bother, there's nothing new here.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - $3 (15 minutes)

Just plain boring most of the time.

That Mitchell and Webb Look - $7

A very funny sketch show from England. I laughed out loud several times to the annoyance of the gentlemen on either side of me. (Yes, the travel agent screwed up royally and grabbed me a middle seat on the way home.)

Psych - $0 (10 horrible minutes I'll never get back)

One of the worst TV shows ever made. It was like a train wreck, it took me 10 minutes to look away.


jon said...

great reviews. a bunch of quick jabs. awesome. most TV blows doesn't it?

only thing i've seen is jumper and it was dumb.

would like to see that stones thing though

with all this hype about your iron man review i am going to predict your rating: $4

i haven't seen it though.

Jeff said...

What "moments" did National Treasure have??? Regrettably I have seen that movie and it was beyond terrible.

Tony Tanti said...

jeff, NT2 had a few moments where I laughed and the kid in me kind of enjoys the silly clues that lead them to the next clue. The desks that were giant combination locks were intriguing.

Don't forget I'm not recommending this movie, I'm merely admitting that on a plane, when desperate for entertainment, it entertained me at times.

Jeff said...

the desks were cool, I'll give you that. still a terrible movie though. $4 is awfully generous.

WaywardJam said...

Perfect sentiment and rating for Jumper.

I'm wounded! Psych gets $0?! It is easily one of my fave TV shows. The pilot was a bit choppy, but it is truly awesome. The interaction with Roday and Hill is perfect and I love the intentionally cheesy flashbacks when Corbin Bernsen gets to wear a toupee.

elgringo said...

Jumper hurt so bad. Diane Lane barely made it worth watching. She always makes movies worth watching, has been for years.

Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows on TV now. That's not saying much, but there it is.