December 2, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - $0

This movie was horrible. It was repetitive. It featured childish writing and the same plot as the first movie with a "Matrix" instead of the "All Spark".

There was a complete lack of character development, for example Bumble Bee suddenly has voice problems again and has to use the radio to speak to Sam. This was a weak plot device in the first movie to create easy jokes and was repeated here with no explanation.

Numerous new characters were added which I don't remember from the cartoon, what's the point of this? This movie might as well be called GoBots for it is a bad imitation of its inspiration.

Bad jokes, horrifically predictable, everything about this was appalling.

Michael Bay is now my undisputed choice for worst director in the history of motion pictures, and whoever wrote this movie should be writing for children's television.

If you see a movie reviewer who likes this movie never trust anything they say about anything ever again.

$0. Don't Watch It.