May 22, 2008

Two Quick Reviews

I've been a bit quieter than usual here lately. It's not for lack of movie watching but more for lack of time. I've got an Iron Man review coming but for now here are two brief reviews of other movies I've seen in the last month.

Juno - $8

Juno was fun to watch, creatively written and well acted. The dialogue is quick and funny and the characters were developed well. Juno managed to be cute as well as touching while not being cheesy, a challenging line to walk.

Ellen Page was good but not brilliant. I need to see more range from her before I jump on the bandwagon. She was perfect for this movie though. Jason Bateman is subtle but great and Michael Cera steals the show in my opinion.

Juno is a good movie, nothing groundbreaking here though so I'm giving Juno a value of $8 and definitely putting it on my 'Watch It' list.

Cloverfield - $9

I loved Cloverfield. This was a very well executed movie in a genre that is hard to define. The opening 15 minutes dragged a bit but were necessary for making me care about the characters later on in the story.

When Cloverfield first ended I was disappointed that they didn't take the story further but after thinking about it I was happy the movie makers decided to leave it the way it was.

Cloverfield is creepy, thrilling and even a bit moving. I believed in the plausibility of the actions of the characters, this is an important point because often movies like this make their characters do things a person would never do just to advance the story or create a tense moment.

I am tempted to give Cloverfield a $10 rating but the beginning could have been better and it was too short. This is on the 'Watch It' list and I give it a value of $9.


Dave McG said...

I still don't see what was so great about Juno. Anytime a comedy comes out that isn't 'american pie' presents nobody can believe it. Juno was ok but it was a joke to have it in the best picture category.

Tony Tanti said...

dave, I agree that Juno was overhyped. I liked it a lot but came away wondering what all the fuss was about. It's a nice little comedy with some interesting things to say about human interaction but it shouldn't have been an oscar contender.

Still, it was one of the better comedies I've seen for a while.

Maybe all the hype was due to Juno being made by a Canadian, Americans may have been blown away by a movie that could make them laugh without masturbation and poo jokes.

jon said...

haven't seen juno yet but i was very pleased with cloverfield. it is a tough genre but an intriguing one and i was really glad they tried it and really happy to have not been disappointed. it was a great thrill ride and a great angle to take. really enjoyed it. i gave it 5 stars but i agree with your $9 assessments and your reasons for it.

one more thing. i usually hate CGI to excess, but they did a really good job with this one. and if you watch the making-of special feature it actually makes you appreciate it even more (and this comes from someone who usually finds those making-of things incredibly self-indulgent and boring). if a CGI based movie can get me into it, its saying something.