January 6, 2011

Bunch of Ratings

So it's been a while. Thought I'd quickly go through a bunch of movies to play catch up.

Salt - $4

This was just okay. I think it tried to do too much but it was entertaining at times. Don't Watch It.

Toy Story 3 - $8

Another great installment in the Toy Story Franchise. Creative and fun enough that I've seen it twice. Watch It.

Prince Caspian - $4

Not a bad movie but a shadow of the great book. Disney is ruining my beloved Narnia books. The props look like they're from a dollar store and the costumes look like the actors' Moms made them. How they turned this book into a movie with extended battle scenes is beyond me. Don't Watch It.

Valentines Day - $0

Horrible! Nothing worked in this, there was no chemistry between any of the actors. I hated it. Don't ever Watch It.

The Other Guys - $5

I love Will Ferrell and this movie made me laugh but not as much as I had hoped. A lot of the jokes were just barely missing the target. It was close but in the end just an average comedy. Watch It, if you like Ferrell.

Inception - $10

Fantastic and gripping, I wanted to turn around and go back in for the late show after I saw it. Watch It right now.


Jon Coutts said...

Inception. I will.

Good one-sentence reviews!

Dave M said...

I will probably try and watch inception also.

Tony Tanti said...

In defense of my movie watching habits, a couple of these were the only entertainment option on a trans-atlantic flight. Just felt like I needed to defend having watched Salt and Valentines Day.

Dave M said...

I think I might have watched the little plane on the map instead of valentines day, or the air canada propaganda channel.

Jon Coutts said...

After Tanti's review, I would sooner eat the head rest in front of me than watch Valentine's Day.

Trev said...

I loved Valentine's Day...not even joking.

Tony Tanti said...

Trev, I don't know what to say about that. I felt like they were trying so hard to be Love Actually which is a movie in a similar style except that it worked for me.

The only storyline I found a little bit interesting in Valentines Day was the Julia Roberts one.

Trev said...

I didn't see "Love actually" so I can't really compare notes with you.

There's really nothing to be said. It's very rare that I actually sit down and watch a chick flick, so I guess when it happens, it's kind of like pressing my movie "reset" button.

I just saw it at the right time I suppose, I worked for me.

Trev said...


Word verification: "dolop"

Used in a sentance: I would like a "dolop" of peanut butter on my waffles.