December 2, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - $0

This movie was horrible. It was repetitive. It featured childish writing and the same plot as the first movie with a "Matrix" instead of the "All Spark".

There was a complete lack of character development, for example Bumble Bee suddenly has voice problems again and has to use the radio to speak to Sam. This was a weak plot device in the first movie to create easy jokes and was repeated here with no explanation.

Numerous new characters were added which I don't remember from the cartoon, what's the point of this? This movie might as well be called GoBots for it is a bad imitation of its inspiration.

Bad jokes, horrifically predictable, everything about this was appalling.

Michael Bay is now my undisputed choice for worst director in the history of motion pictures, and whoever wrote this movie should be writing for children's television.

If you see a movie reviewer who likes this movie never trust anything they say about anything ever again.

$0. Don't Watch It.


Jon Coutts said...

The reason they can make movies like this is because tons will see it, at least once, regardless. The first one should have tipped everyone off to avoid the second one! And my only regret with the first one is that the previews didn't tip me off to avoid it completely!

But I guess the best thing you can do once you've wasted cash on it is to help everyone else save their precious time!

I thoroughly enjoy reading super-negative reviews like this one. There is something satisfying about having someone reach into the bag of hyperboles to truly express how bad a film or director really is! Nicely done. I just think this very thing could have been said about the first one.

Tony Tanti said...

The negative ones are the most fun to write too.

I still disagree about the first movie, it wasn't a great movie by any stretch but it was entertaining and had a bit of an origin story to it.

#2 had nothing new to offer and did everything worse.

Dave said...

Although I agree that this film would have been a waste of time and money in the theaters, I found it well worth the very cheap rental at Blockbuster. I knew full well that it would have no plot or emotion so I was not disappointed in any way. I wanted a movie that just had mindless action entertainment and that is what I got. I can certainly understand the beating that it is getting from all us critics though; it probably deserves it for the unsuspecting victims of this mediocrity.

Reel Whore said...

Oh how painful this movie was. The ONLY redeeming factor for me was the forest fight scene w/ Optimus Prime. It was a grand, massive display of destruction like you'd expect to see in a Transformers movie.

Too bad they forgot that the rest of the time and made a movie about a bunch of one-dimensional humans who let robots tag along with them.

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Trev said...

I love this movie. I watched it 3 times in theatres, bought it, and have watched twice at home now. I fully intend on watching it again, and if they do a third movie, I'll probably do a transformers marathon with my buddies.

Sometimes simple plots, shitty acting and predictable jokes are all I want out of a movie. They're called summer blockbusters - it's all they've ever been, and all they ever will be.