January 11, 2011

Two 'Watch It' Reviews

The Town - $9

Ben Affleck is 2 for 2 in my books. Gone Baby Gone was one of my favorite movies in years so I was excited for Affleck's second directoral attempt and he did not disappoint. This is a gripping story set in my favorite modern movie setting, Boston. The whole thing worked for me right down to the love story and especially the tense heist scenes.

I thought Affleck's performance was decent as well though I'm not nearly as big a fan of his acting as I am of his directing. In the end Affleck was outshone by Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner and even Jon Hamm who accomplished the difficult task of not seeming like Don Draper as an FBI agent.

This one is worth seeing for sure, Watch It.

How To Train Your Dragon - $10

This movie was fun from start to finish. I actually watched it again the next day and I don't have kids.

Where many animated movies fail this one succeeds, it is touching, funny and smart and all without being cheesy.

Watch It.


Trev said...

I'll agree with you on both of these movies.

Jeff and I both came out of the theatre after watching "The Town" not really knowing how it gripped us, but it did. There are so many movies just like it, but Ben somehow nailed that x-factor that makes a movie shine.

"How to train your dragon" speaks for itself, that movie just blew me away.t

Joseph said...

Loved How to Train Your Dragon, but didn't care too much for The Town. It had some great action scenes and good sense of conflict, but reminded me too much of the (better) HEAT.

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Dariru said...

Both The Town and How to Train Your Dragon are great films! Great choices! I thought The Town was especially riveting.