July 23, 2008

Four, Five and Six - $9

Four, Five and Six is a short film by Nathan Davies and Jeff Coutts.

The film follows a man through six scenes of life, in the first he learns that his Father has passed away and throughout the rest of the story we see how this passing affects every day moments in his life and the lives of those around him.

Four, Five and Six is a great film and well worth watching. The dialogue is smart and the scenes are well shot and well performed.

For those who live in Edmonton this film is in consideration for the Edmonton International Film Festival so I hope the selection committee has the good sense to show it and that you get the chance to watch it.

For my part I put this one on the 'Watch It' list and give it a value of $9.


jon said...

Yeah it was a pleasure to have a veiwing, and I would really like to see it again at the festival.

Philbert said...

Don't you think you are a little biased?

The Fraze said...

Hey - it's Adam - from (un)heralded and LAMBS. I've totally revamped my blog and I'd really appreciate it if you stopped by and told me what you thought - I'd love to get more commenters

Tony Tanti said...

philbert - no, I am without bias

fraze - I do comment from time to time on your site, it's a great one