August 11, 2007

Hot Rod - $5

Hot Rod is a funny movie, as a comedy its main goal must be to make people laugh and it certainly accomplished that goal with me. It would be hard to call it a good movie though.

Hot Rod is a story about Rod, a young wannabe stuntman whose stepfather needs a heart transplant and Rod wants to raise the money for it because he doesn't want his stepfather to die before he has succeeded in beating him up. Rod decides to raise this money by performing a motorbike jump over 15 buses.

This movie makes no attempt to be anything more than a goofy comedy, the plot line and the acting is purposely outrageous, the characters are really caricatures and the whole thing feels like a really long SNL sketch. A good sketch, but a sketch none the less.

I left the theatre feeling like I did the first time I saw Billy Madison and after repeated viewings of Billy Madison I came to love it. This is a comedy that is either ahead of its time and will become a cult classic, or it is a comedy that is just dumb. Only time and multiple viewings will tell.

The cast in Hot Rod is truly funny and some great comedy careers are sure to come from the likes of Andy Samberg (Rod) and Bill Hader who plays Dave, one of Rod's crew.

I keep going back and forth on whether to recommend Hot Rod. As I said it was strange and not a particularly sophisticated style of comedy but it did make me laugh and I was never bored.

I put Hot Rod on my 'Don't Watch It' list, but just barely, and I give it a value of $5. If I see it again that rating will change, I just don't know if it will improve or become worse.


jon or angie said...

I have to say that the preview for Hot Rod was the best thing about the entire experience of seeing Transformers, so I'm amazed it doesn't get Watch It status.

Sheamus the... said...

DANGIT!!!...I really dont want to have to watch this.

Tony Tanti said...

Haha, nice Transformers slam Jon. Like I said, with another viewing I may like Hot Rod more. The preview was part of the problem actually, like any one-liner style comedy many of the best jokes are wasted in the trailer. Tough to avoid though since you want people to come see it.

Sheamus, why the hesitation? It's worth checking out if you like the Will Ferrell/Adam Sandler tradition of goofball comedy.

Jeff said...

So you didn't love it OR hate it. Well I'm not sure what to say then.

The preview made me laugh. Andy Samberg is hilarious in that "Roy Rules" video. So I'd probably watch this movie. I certainly wouldn't pay anything to watch it though.

Jon, yes, Transformers wasn't GREAT, but I think it's odd how much you really hate that move. Funny . . . but odd. It's one of those movies thats not worth hating to me.

Sheamus the... said...

eh...i never really like comedies. BUT...i loved knocked up.