August 23, 2007

Hot Fuzz - $8

I watched Hot Fuzz alone, sadly enough, but when you watch a comedy alone it is the true test of the humour. Hot Fuzz had me laughing out loud throughout and to me that automatically makes it a winner.

Hot Fuzz is the story of Nicholas Angel, an overachieving London police officer who is transferred by his superiors so that he will stop making the rest of the London cops look bad. Angel is transferred to the small town of Sandford and he quickly realizes that Sandford is not the sleepy village it appears to be. This suspicion is confirmed when townspeople begin turning up dead, each death chalked up to being an unfortunate accident to everyone but Angel.

This movie works on quite a few levels; it is first and foremost a buddy cop parody, though it is as much a homage to buddy cop movies as it is a mockery of them. Hot Fuzz even manages to parody the idea of parody itself when Angel's partner tells him all about classic cop movies such as Point Break and Bad Boys, Hot Fuzz then proceeds to imitate specific scenes from both of those movies.

Despite this movie being a comic parody don't make the mistake of putting it in the category of something like the Scary Movie franchise, the thing that sets Hot Fuzz apart is that each element of it is done well. The action sequences, while imitating everything from Desperado to the aforementioned Bad Boys, are actually done in a high quality and entertaining way. As a viewer I am able to watch these scenes and enjoy them while not having to turn my mind off because unlike a regular action movie which tries to pawn these elaborate scenes off as realistic, Hot Fuzz admits the silliness of them in its very premise.

Hot Fuzz is a funny movie with intelligent writing and very good comedic performances by the main actors. If you see it be warned however, though the murders and swearing in this movie are part of the comedy they are still not family viewing.

I put Hot Fuzz on my 'Watch It' list and give it a value of $8.


jon or angie said...

hmmmm, either that or watching it alone is a bad sign, because who knows if you would laugh if someone were watching you.

i likely will never see this movie, but i'm glad the parody is being taken to the next level. i don't know if i've seen a good parody since Naked Gun. unless you count Transformers as a parody. my rating of it would go up if it was.

Tony Tanti said...

Good point, about watching it alone, not about Transformers.

jon or angie said...

i think you should go on a theme now and watch all movies that start with the word hot (as in hot rod and hot fuzz).

actually nevermind, the rest are probably unrated.

while i'm on the suggestions, i think you should also do a "comedy oscars". you could pick 3 nominees from each year there were academy awards and then take votes for awhile and then declare winners.

i'd be willing to help you out with it and we could even start an extra site for it and get a panel together and the whole works. might be a fun project. now that i think about it, we could sell ad space on it too and make tens! even hundreds! (or perhaps ones.)

just an idea. maybe we should just make that the next holy crap topic since we've got nothing else going on.

Sheamus the... said...

I had the priviledge of seeing this movie with Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost present. Although not as good as Shaun of the Dead definitly a great movie for a genre sake. These guys are amazing, with gret vision and intensity in what they do. I can't wait to see what's next.