January 10, 2007

Miami Vice - $4

Miami Vice was a movie full of style and impressive cinematography. Unfortunately it was also dreadfully boring.

In this movie we follow the lives of Rico and Sonny, two undercover cops from Miami. The FBI learns that they have been infiltrated and appeal to Rico and Sonny to get to the bottom of it.

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx play Sonny and Rico and a good performance by Foxx nearly makes up for the unconvincing and feeble performance by Farrell. In fact the first major mistake of this movie was casting Farrell for the slightly bigger role.

Stylistically this movie is entertaining. Michael Mann directs and he uses some amazing camera angles and lighting tricks. The downside of a director who's willing to try new things is that he often tries too many and some of the scenes leave you feeling like you wished the camera had been focused on something.

Overall this movie wasn't bad, it had a complex plot and had some pretty good performances. As I said though it simply bored me and with Farrell's poor performance I can't recommend it.

I put Miami Vice on my 'Don't Watch It' list and give it a value of $4.


Amy Russell-Coutts said...

Great review Dave, you're awesome! But this movie was not.

Coutts said...

once again, i certainly won't be seeing this movie. thanks for the tip.

why you keep trying some of these movies is beyond me. sometimes you can tell a movie by its cover. they lost me at "miami vice". but thanks for pre-screening them for me.

and i suppose i would have written off the new bond if not for your review, so i guess i'd miss a few things with my screening process.

looking forward to the 2001 review immensely.

Tony Tanti said...

Movies like Casino Royale are exactly why I take a chance on movies like Miami Vice, plus once in a while I'm in the mood for some good ol' hollywood entertainment. Many of those types of movies fail miserably, a la Superman Returns.