January 27, 2007

24, Season 1 - $7

24 is a unique concept, 24 episodes that are 1 hour each and the entire season is one 24 hour day. This show takes place in real time. I've heard all the hype and seen how popular this show is but I had never taken the time to watch even 2 minutes of it. Recently I rented season 1 and over the course of a weekend I have now watched 16 of the 24 episodes. This review is my reaction so far.

First for those who've never seen 24, it is a show that revolves mainly around one character, Jack Bauer. Bauer heads up the LA office of the US Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). The first season of 24 takes place during the day of the California Primaries after CTU learns that there is a terrorist organization trying to kill the Presidential front runner. Things get complicated when Bauer's wife and daughter are kidnapped by the same terrorist organization and we slowly learn how everything is connected.

24 is a well made show, the directing is unique for a TV show especially considering that season 1 was on TV 6 years ago. The show uses split screens very creatively but doesn't overdo it so as to dizzy you with multiple screens for too long. The pace of 24 is fast and tiring and everything about it is made to give you that impression, from the writing to the camera angles to the real-time concept.

Each show ends in 'cliffhanger' style and I was grateful more than once to have rented the DVDs rather than having to wait a week to see what happens.

Overall I've enjoyed the episodes of season 1 that I've watched. 24 is entertaining and worth watching. I have found it less than realistic at times but each episode has left me wanting to know what is going to happen on the next one and I suppose that is the main goal of any TV show.

24 is not blowing me away but I will put it on my 'Watch It' list and give it a respectable value of $7.

UPDATE: I finished watching season 1 the other day. I nearly came on here and lowered my ranking to $6 but decided against it. The end of the season wasn't terrible but was somewhat hard to believe. I didn't lower the rating mainly because I was left intrigued enough to go out and rent season 2.

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Anonymous said...

its funny how many shows there are where if you miss a couple seasons there really feels like little point to starting, unless you go get old ones on DVD and catch up. maybe I'll catch up on this one in retirement (after I relive the West Wing era that is).

I'm impressed to hear that you only gave it $7. I've always suspected that while this is a good show, people are getting a bit more hyped about it than it deserves, simply because it has them hooked. You seem to have given it its due. (this I say having seen less than 2 minutes of it myself of course!)