December 15, 2006

Mission Impossible III - $7

In the latest Mission Impossible installment Ethan Hunt is off the frontlines and is working in the classroom, well maybe not a classroom per se, but he's training future agents and not working in the field anymore.

Mission Impossible III starts by informing us that Hunt is getting married and his cover story with his fiance is that he works for the Department of Transportation. Of course Hunt's quiet life of training agents and being out of the field lasts all of 5 minutes in this movie as he is drawn back into action by the kidnapping of one of his trainees.

The villain and kidnapper is Owen Davian, an arms dealer who has eluded authorities for years. Davian is played brilliantly by Philip Seymour Hoffman, so well in fact that I wish the movie would have featured more of his character.

As usual though, this impossible mission centers almost entirely around Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise. Davian kidnaps Hunt's fiance and forces Hunt to recover the 'Rabbit's Foot' to save her. Curiously the audience is never let in on just exactly what the Rabbit's Foot is.

Unlike the first two Mission Impossible movies, this one is a little truer to the TV show it takes its name from. Hunt uses and relies on his team and on advanced gadgets and technology to get the job done. At one point he impersonates the bad guy by wearing a silicon mask, a classic Mission Impossible move that is as standard as the A Team drugging B.A.'s food to get him on an airplane.

I didn't love this movie, but I liked it. It is a far better movie than the first two in this series and it delivers exactly what you'd expect out of an action move - action.

I put Mission Impossible III on my 'Watch It' list and give it a value of $7.


Anonymous said...

interesting, I wondered how this movie was. MI II looked AWFUL and I will not see it. I figured I'd have to see this one eventually because of Philip Seymour Hoffman. YOu have given me a little hope that it might be worth it.

(Nice BA comment)
jon c.

Tony Tanti said...

Thanks. Yeah, MI II might be the worst action movie I've seen this decade. #III is better though, less gimmicky.

The Hansens said...

Defintely, #3 was better than #2. #3 was closer to the style of #1. #2 was a John Woo film (I believe) - it was awful.
Any Christmas movie reviews coming? Tis the season...

Tony Tanti said...

thehansens, you're right, 3 was closer to the style of 1 and I liked 3 better because it actually seemed like an MI story. 1 was really just another spy movie.

Christmas reviews, good idea. Stay tuned.