October 31, 2006

Studio 60 - $10

Ok I know this is a tv show but there is a precedent on my site for reviewing tv. Also this review is less of an actual review and more of a plea. A plea that you watch this show.

Studio 60 is the best thing on TV right now, in my opinion. The writing is clever, funny and moving. The acting is brilliant as the characters have all been developed well and it's only a few shows into it's life. This is a well made show, not hype or emotional manipulation but solid. I have looked forward to it each week since watching the premier.

The reason I'm pleading with you to watch it is that I've heard it may be cancelled. It may have been a mistake by NBC to put it up against CSI Miami, as inferior as that show is to Studio 60 in every way. But the reality is that they are apparently considering scrapping it.

So please, try it. You don't have to like it or agree with me but watch it once and decide. Skip the predictable, cookie cutter, not-worthy-of-your-time CSI Miami and watch the best thing on TV right now.

Watch It, Mondays at 10:00 PM on NBC.


Coutts said...

i'll say what i said on your myspace site. you are dead on.

allow me to take a moment to trash CSI Miami. I watched a full episode the other night and couldn't believe how bad it was. It was actually worse than I expected and I was expecting BAD. If Caruso cocks his head any further he's gonna fall over. Is he trying to be sensitive? Unfortunately I think the writers they got for that show used to write for Schwartzenegger. Its all one liner setups meant to make scientists look cool. You can see them coming a mile away. And then there's like a quick zoom and some music and its on to the next one. Reminds me of an 80s comedy, but at least they were funny.

Anyways, you are right in what you say about Studio 60. People should watch it. If they don't and it gets cancelled the bright side will be that Aaron Sorkin will find another show to do, and I'm sure it would be good. I'd miss this cast though.

Tony Tanti said...

No doubt. CSI Miami wasn't always like that, it got hokey a couple years ago and it just took me some time to admit it.

Coutts said...

by the way, out here we get Studio 60 a night early, and last night's episode (tonight for you) was AWESOME. they take a crack at CSI Miami too.

this is a must-watch people. you may not agree with everything that is said but you may need to hear it, and you will laugh. you might potentially laugh alot. and you'll see what good writing and acting looks like on TV too.

The Hansens said...

I missed the West Wing phenomenon but I've jumped on the Studio 60 train. You have to give it at least two weeks to get hooked. The first week intrigues you and second week captures you for good.