October 21, 2006

Friends With Money - $8

Four middle aged women have been friends for years though there lives have become more and more different with each year they've aged. As the title implies the theme of money is used throughout. Three of the women are married and fairly wealthy and the fourth is single, alone, and a maid. Friends With Money explores the relationship of these four different women who don't quite understand each other but are held together by friendship.

This is not an escapist movie, nor is it "entertaining" in the Hollywood sense of the word. Friends With Money is a frighteningly realistic portrayal of friendship, gossip, human interaction and marriage - as the husbands of the three married characters also play an important role in this story.

There is certainly a kind of entertainment value in this movie, it is funny and moving and dramatic at times, sometimes all three at once. You'll laugh at the quirks of some characters because you'll see things in them that you see in people you know. You'll also cringe at moments when a character portrays an ugly side of themselves and you realize you're watching yourself.

Friends With Money is well written, brilliantly acted and is a truly refreshing story about the reality of relationships.

I put this movie on my 'Watch It' list and give it a value of $8.


Coutts said...

why is it that i hear of movies first from you? looks interesting.
i love these "reality" movies the most and so find this one pretty appealling

have you heard of brad pitt's movie: babel? i read a review of it and i really want to see it. not for entertainment value mind you, its apparently really disturbing.

Tony Tanti said...

I've heard of Babel, looks good. Let's see it together at Christmas.

I don't blame you for not having heard of this movie, it's not a big hype one.

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