August 15, 2008


UPDATE 2: It worked! Go to the LAMB and check me out, I'm #1 this week! Thanks to everyone who clicked the link and checked out the fast growing site that is the LAMB.

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Faithful readers, thank you for voting in such massive numbers on my poll to the right. Overwhelmingly you chose Comedies as the topic for my next Top 5 list, you will get your way in a post to come this weekend.

In the meantime how 'bout doin' me a solid and visiting the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) site? Each week the site posts the top 5 members who are sending visitors to the LAMB. It seems to only take 25 or so to get into the top 5 and I've never been there.

I'm a LAMB member and it's actually an interesting site to check out, so come on, at least once go check it out by clicking the link in the sidebar or clicking the picture below. I really want to get in that list.

- Tony

UPDATE: I've been told by the guy who runs the LAMB that I'm in a close race for first this week. One more click below everyone and I can win this thing! (Top 5 Comedies nearly completed, I will release it today)


Dave McG said...

Holmes on Homes over Volver.

I wonder who would win the battle of wits in: Almodovar vs Holmes

Fletch said...

FYI: It's working so far. You're currently in 2nd place...but it's close.

Fletch said...

By the way, I don't think clicking on the link a bunch of times in the span of a few minutes counts as more than one. Google's rules, not mine. Just fyi. :)

Tony Tanti said...

dave, don't think of it as a comparison, Holmes is just awesome in his own way and Volver was underwhelming.

fletch, I'm glad to hear I'm in the running, I wondered if it would work.

Fletch said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Mom