January 7, 2008

A Bunch of Lists

Here are some lists for those who like opinions in list form. Remember, these are based only on what I saw in 2007.

Most Disappointing Movies of 2007

4) Knocked Up
3) Spider-Man 3
2) Shooter
1) Evan Almighty

Best Performances of 2007

5) Shia Labeouf - Transformers
4) Adam Sandler - Reign Over Me
3) Will Smith - I Am Legend
2) Denzel Washington - American Gangster
1) Adrien Brody - The Darjeeling Limited

Movies You Should See That You May Not Have (in no particular order)

Reign Over Me
Fugitive Pieces
Across the Universe
Paris Je T'aime


Fletch said...

I'll start from the top:

Didn't see Evan or Shooter (I think I anticipated their crappiness), agree about Spider-Man 3, and disagree about Knocked Up.

I like Shia, but really? One of the best performances?

Saw Paris (my top movie of the last year), saw Universe (it was okay), need to see Fugitive and can't see Reign (Mike Binder bugs the crap outta me). That said, I'll probably watch it when it hits HBO...

Hooray for lists!

Sheamus the... said...

disagree about Knocke Up...i can always go for a little shia, reign over me left me emotionless for the most part but i catch your drift.

Tony Tanti said...

Yeah, Reign Over Me wasn't amazing but it was good and worth watching I thought. And I get the impression very few people watched it, same with Across the Universe.

As for Shia, I liked Transformers and he completely carried it. Say what you want about the kid but he's good. I'm not talking Oscar or Golden Globe here, just an impressive performance I thought deserved recognition.

Tony Tanti said...

As for Knocked Up, I get that a lot but for me I never believed the relationship was plausible so it just never worked.

And I can only take so many poop and masturbation jokes before I start wondering where all this smart and unique writing is that everyone was talking about.

nathan davies said...

where do i begin? first off reign over me was one of the worst movies i have ever seen. adam sandler was the most painful part of the movie. i didn't buy a single line that came out of his mouth. all he did was act like a 3 year old the whole time. so if anyone else reads this comment DO NOT SEE REIGN OVER ME. not matter what dave says.
secondly shia lebouf was horrible as well. all he had to do was act like a regular teenage guy that he is. i think bumblebee did a better acting job than shia. not to mention transformers was horrible as well.
there you have it dave. i think i agree with everything else. but i am so worked up about the reign over me. i can't believe it.
p.s. when i get to your place in march i am going to beat you up 30 times and break your computer so you can never write anything positive about that movie and shia ever again.

nathan davies said...

i still love you immensely though...as a person.

Tony Tanti said...

nathan, you make me laugh man. Shia was very funny and convincing in Transformers, an entertaining and simple action movie. Again, I'm not saying Shia should get an Oscar here but he carried that movie. He was also good in Disturbia and praised by David Morse for his performance.

As for Reign Over Me, I don't know what to say. I thought Sandler's subtlety was great and the end where he finally talked to his in-laws, that was powerful. So...you're wrong.

I still like you as a person too though.

jon or angie said...

hilarious, i agree with nathan about transformers and only wish i were there to be a part of the 30 (or 400?) blows, or at least witness it.

Tony Tanti said...

Nathan would take 400 in return from me before he landed 30 of his own.

I'm wirey.

nathan davies said...

them fightin' words. that's it. the first thing i am doing when i get to your place is punching you in the face. I am telling you ahead of time because it won't make a difference.

nathan davies said...

i am wiryer than you. that's what i was trying to say in the above comment.

gamble said...

Sometimes a movie just works when you're watching with the right people. I was sitting beside Tanti and Ziggy for that Transformers screening - it was my best theatre experience since the first LOTR. Shia had some good lines, but it was Optimus that needs more credit - he commanded and people listened.

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