September 24, 2006

Watch It - Best And Worst On TV

I haven't seen a new movie in a while so at the suggestion of a reader I will do a review of a few TV shows since all the premiers are going on right now.

Smith - Watch It

Smith is a professional thief. He steals high priced items at the request of a mysterious older woman who goes by the name Charlie. One assumes that she then sells them to some sort of network of people who like to spend lots of money on stolen goods. Smith is played effectively by Ray Liotta as he leads his team of fellow thieves while working a lame cover job selling paper cups. Smith's wife and two kids seem unaware of his criminal alter ego. This is a well made show that feels a bit like a combination of Ocean's Eleven and every gangster movie Liotta has ever made.

CSI Miami - Don't Watch It

For those unfamiliar with the CSI family of shows they follow specialized crime scene investigators who go through the clues of a crime scene in a detailed way that is both impressive and hard to believe. I've been a CSI fan since the beginning original show, which takes place in Las Vegas, and in recent years I've come to enjoy the first spin off, the CSI Miami series. No longer however. Miami has become more and more far fetched with each season and after watching the premier of the 2006-07 season last week I don't plan to watch it any longer. The characters are becoming unrealisticaly emotional and snipey and the plot holes are gaping.

The Office - Watch It

Michael Scott is an incompetant, socially awkward manager of a regional office of a national paper supply company. Steve Correll plays Michael and is one of many great comedic actors in this histerical show. If you've never seen it you must. In fact you should go to the video store and rent the first 2 seasons. This is the American version of the British show by the same name and is one of the funniest shows in TV history in my humble opinion.

Prison Break - Don't Watch It

As you may have guessed from the title this show is about a bunch of guys who break out of prison. I watched the first season and enjoyed it. The show let you watch the plan to escape come together as it is masterminded by the brother of a prisoner on death row. The escape scheme was detailed and interesting and though the show was full of forced tension it was worth watching. I've watched the first couple episodes of the second season and I think I will keep watching to see how it ends but I do not recommend it to anyone else. The new season is less interesting. The prisoners are out and 'on the lam' and the show seems to be trying too hard to create moments of tension where way too many things go wrong. The plot has become needlessy complicated and the acting unconvincing. Save yourself the time do something else on Monday nights.


Coutts said...

fantastic. i agree with you 6,000 %, even though i don't watch any of these shows (with the exception of the office except i don't know when its on ... but when i see it i laugh until my belly hurts. one weekend we'll rent the dvds and watch it until our pants our soiled)

Tony Tanti said...

The Office, Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen Smith yet...but I plan on it. CSI & Horatio rule all CSIers. The Office also makes my belly hurt. And I agree with you on Prison Break. Season 1 was better, but I need to watch now so I know how it ends.